A-mazing Ants was my first indie game release. I built the game over a two year period using Game Maker 8 . All the code and artwork I done myself using Anim8tor a free 3d modeling program. The game features a great music soundtrack. The object of the game is to move your ant to the finish line. You must avoid the enemy ants which are in the way. You can use your allies to destroy your enemy or use sleath to work your way to the finish line. The game also has a two player option in which you and a friend can play side by side in a head to head matchup. By killing the enemy Queen Ant you will achieve victory. Another awesome feature of the game is the level editor known as the Maze Maker. So once you are through playing through the game you can go into the editor and create your own mazes. A-mazing Ants is also available for purchase at Itch.io

A-mazing Ants Demo A-mazing Ants new demo